A Great Retirement Job – Consultant

You have worked for years at your full time job and you have developed experience and knowledge that will be invaluable to other people. Now it is time to take advantage of all that accumulated knowledge and create retirement income at the same time.

When you really analyze what you must do, you realize that YOU are what YOU are selling.

You must market yourself and convince others that you have the answers to their problems; that you have already faced the problems and conquered them.

One of the best ways to gain respect is to publish articles about your area of expertise. When you include “author” in your bio, you immediately command additional respect. Start by publishing your articles on EzineArticles.com.

In my opinion, it is the premier article site on the Net. Once your article is accepted and published on Ezinearticles, you can easily publish it on over 100 other business article sites. You can do this yourself or there are services that will do it for you for a very reasonable price. At the end of each article, your bio will point back to your website. Just think of the exposure that you get from one article published on over 100 business article sites.

If you are not already a published author, you will find that publishing on the Internet and being able to include “author” in your bio brings you added respect. This is expected of a consultant.

Consider establishing a blog and post to it frequently. This is a very quick and easy way to establish yourself on the Internet. It can be very effective in attracting attention to your consulting business.

Publishing a newsletter is a good way to gain exposure. Write articles that give your subscribers tips and current information in your area of expertise.

The most important thing that you can do is have your own website. You can build a website to describe your experience and area of expertise. This will show your prospective customer who you are and how you can solve his/her problems.

Having a website tells the world that you are serious about your business. It tells your readers that you own your own piece of Internet real estate.

You say, “I don’t know anything about building a website.” Well, it is not as hard as you think if you have the right tools. You need to do the research to find the right web host to make your website successful.

You need a website that sells a service which is what you as consultant are selling. You can provide this service in your local area or to a global market. The Internet allows you to do both. We all know about the global reach of the Internet. On a local basis, the Internet is rapidly replacing the yellow pages for locating consultants.

These are just a few suggestions. Let your imagination run wild and think of other creative methods of attracting customers to your new consulting business.

Your job is consultant, not webmaster. You should not become bogged down in the technical details of building and managing a website.

5 Reasons For Engaging Civil And Structural Consulting Engineers

Client engages consulting engineers for five reasons.

1. Client does not have engineering capability.

Builders, developer, manufacturing organizations or government do not have engineering capability of their own and need to utilize consulting engineers for their engineering work. Client may rarely use engineers, and keeping engineers on staff may become an overhead for client. Therefore, it is good to engage engineers by project basis. As for example, an investor needs to build one factory. The best way is to engage a consulting engineer to look into his requirement. The consulting engineer has to demonstrate his expertise and experience on field of engineering. Upon completion of work, the investor is not further obligated to the consulting engineer and has not incurred continuing overhead expense.

2. Client’s engineering staff does not qualify in work area.

Now days, a client especially property developer will have an in house engineering department. In certain case, the staff is not skilled in the discipline required for a particular assignment. A housing development company may competent to design housing project. However, company needs to hire a consulting engineer to design a bridge in the housing development project where only sporadic needs for the project. It will not economical to retain such skill in house. As a result, the company obtains it from outside professional, the consulting engineer.

3. Client’s in-house engineering staff sized for normal workload.

Certain clients may have a fully qualified in-house engineering staff that has the capability of undertaking special assignment. Unfortunately, the staff cannot be free from daily regular workload. It is not economical or efficient that to engage more staff to handle only for case of peak workload.

4. Client needs outside expert knowledge

Normally a client hires a consulting engineer in order to obtain opinion of an acknowledged expert of a project. As for example, in-house engineering team is doing bridge with normal reinforced concrete beam design. When there is a need of design prestress reinforced concrete beam for a particular bridge and the team do not has the expertise knowledge, As a result, client can engage prestress bridge engineer to design and gain the knowledge of prestress reinforced concrete beam design.

5. Economy

It is the most common way for client engaging the services of consulting engineers is the acknowledgement of least expensive way to accomplish an engineering task. A consulting engineering firm can able to setup a team with experience and knowledgeable staff. The team can more efficient in undertake and complete the assigned project. The consulting engineer has regularly in handling similar task, therefore he can productively start on the project immediately

A Page From an Austin Sales Consultants’ Executive Bible

Any Austin sales consultant will tell you that you only get one shot to sell to an executive level decision maker. Furthermore, any Austin business coach you talk to will also tell you that lack of knowledge, preparation, or trying to sell something the executive cannot use or benefit from will ruin that precious one shot.

Listen. Don’t waste your time or busy executives by taking blind stabs. It will make you look bad and me even worse since you read this article first. Take the advice of Austin sales consultants and learn to sell to the executive level decision makers before you walk in their door. If you like taking stabs in the dark, however, don’t read this. I’m going to tell you how to make that one shot count for a sale.

First, let’s start with the basics any Austin business coach or sales consulting firm will tell you about selling to executives. Know the issues of the executive’s industry. Austin sales consultants will tell you right off the bat to do your homework or skip school the next day, so to speak. If you don’t know the issues that executive faces in their industry and how those issues affect the executive, then you can guarantee you will be lumped in with the pile of salespeople that wasted that executive’s time.

In fact, executives will tell you that only 7% of the salespeople they see prove worthy of their time. Be one of that 7% by knowing your facts, and the sale grows that much closer.

Hey, I dare you to ask an Austin sales consultant to tell you how to make a sale and to tell you how in one sentence or less. Sounds impossible, but it’s not! The answer will be the same every time. Establish a partnership with the executive. Executives do not buy from vendors.

Vendors give long, drawn out sales speeches to pitch the product they sell. They know very little about the company the executive works for. They don’t care; they only care about making the sale. In short, here’s the product, this is what it does, now buy it at this price.

Executives don’t play ball in that field. Executives, as Austin business coaches say, look for solutions and the products that provide those solutions. This goes right back to knowing the industry you sell to and knowing the issues faced in that industry.

However, it also takes a strategic sales plan and sales team to address those issues to the executive and then provide a solution to the issue: your product. Consulting firms and Austin sales consultants will help you put together a winning sales plan, but that winning sales plan starts with intelligence about the industry where your sales will take place.

Executives are busy people. They don’t have time to waste with vendors or products that don’t provide valuable solutions. Take the time to gather your intelligence. Find the help of an Austin sales coach or sales consultant that you trust to help you put together a winning sales presentation.

Just remember, the most important key you have when selling to executive level decision makers becomes the ability to turn your product into the solution for an issue they face. Make your product invaluable to them. An executive will never be your friend or your customer, but they will make you a partner in their success.

Direct Response Marketing Via A Texas Marketing Consultant

Direct response marketing solicits a direct response from your customers, according to Texas marketing consultants. Instead of putting your product out on the web, on store shelves, or in a regular advertisement, you introduce your product to them through TV, radio, or print mediums and give them a way to respond and buy right that moment.

For Texas marketing agencies and businesses, direct response marketing provides a way to generate interest and demand for your product or service as well as rake in profits from sales. Texas marketing consultants implement direct response in businesses every day. Consulting with a Texas marketing agency can teach you how to implement it in yours.

But the question most people have about direct response marketing and what keeps them away from Texas marketing consultants and marketing agencies relates to how direct response marketing works and why it is a better form of marketing than retail shelves, the Internet, or regular advertising. Well, let’s think about it.

Think about commercials that you watch on TV which sell kitchen appliances and the like. Only think about the commercials that direct you to a website or give you a number to call because those are direct response commercials.

Correct me if I and all Texas marketing agencies are wrong. You view those commercials so often, you hear about those products so many times, that they become branded in your mind. Direct response marketing gives businesses like yours a way to brand your product.

Branding is product recognition. Product recognition generates trust which generates sales. Texas marketing consultants know, and so should you, that once you brand your product, increased sales become imminent because trust and confidence in that product grow.

But why should your business use direct response marketing or bother with an Texas marketing consultant or marketing agency to even consider it? Let’s put it this way. If you ever want to take your business to retail, direct response marketing gives your product a track record to bring to wholesalers and retailers. Any retail store will want to know that your product will sell. Show them that through actual sales figures and advertising dollars invested for your product.

Texas marketing consultants use direct response for more than sales. A sale might be the end purpose, but your direct response campaign might not lead to the sale. Instead, it can generate a lead. You can also use direct response marketing in your Texas business to generate more traffic to a website and lure them to your business by giving free information or offers. A Texas marketing agency will go over all your options for direct response marketing campaigns, and also explain the benefits you will see by beginning one.

An Texas marketing consultant will also cover the many ways you can take advantage of direct response marketing. Direct mailings, television, and radio encompass just a few of the ways you can make direct response marketing work for your business.

Other types of direct response marketing include:

PPC campaigns on the Internet

Newspaper inserts

Door hangings



Think about all the times you’ve bought something from a direct response ad, commercial, or mailer. Then think about what that same marketing will do for your product.

In today’s day in age, businesses face tough competition to sell their products. The age of the Internet increases that competition. However, when you use direct response marketing to promote your product and business in Texas, you take a step up from the competition. When you seek the help of an Texas marketing consultant or Texas marketing agency to take your product and sales where you want them to go, you invest in a road map that will ultimately lead you to success.

Consider a Lucrative Career in the Fund Raising Consulting Business

One of the most rewarding careers in the world is that of a fund raising consultant. Each year millions of dollars are raised for charity and other organizations by a fund raising consulting business. Organizations are always looking for the person who can put their company on top. This article will outline some of the key aspects that are critical to your success in the fund raising consulting business.

If you are thinking about a career in the fund raising consulting business you will need to be aware of the two major goals of any organization. The main reasons for a company wanting to hire a fund raising consultant would be to raise funds for a certain project or to seek counsel for raising the over all productivity of their fund raising team.

You Must Make Proper Assessments

Fund raising consulting always starts with making a proper assessment of the company or organization in which you are going to be consulting for. These responsibilities will include such things as — Analysis and evaluation of an organization’s current fundraising efforts is essential. You will start by analyzing the abilities and readiness of the organization by conducting feasibility test and other factors to ensure ultimate success.

Understand Campaign Management

A spread sheet or data base must be constructed in order to keep proper records of any and all expenditures. You will also track any donor information within this data base. You will often offer assistance in monitoring the campaign calendar, enlistment and cultivation of leadership level volunteers, and planning the campaign phases to ensure proper structure.

Develop Executive Coaching Skills

This is one of the more complex aspects to the fund raising consulting business. You must be able to offer personalized support to staff members in order to increase their performance, develop team leaders with proper communication skills, and provide effective advice during periods of change.

These are just a few key aspects to the fund raising consulting business. You would be wise to spend some quality time researching this fascinating career. Hopefully this article has provided you with some starting points that will lead to a very rewarding career in fund raising consulting.

Ayurvedic Consultation – Get in Touch With Ayurvedic Consultant For A Better Fight With Diseases

It’s the human tendency to take advice from a lot of people if starting with a new work. You always become cautious so as to avoid any harm and loss. And when it comes to your health your concern becomes double fold. Whether it’s allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathy you always choose the best for you. And when it is ayurvedic you have to be in regular contact with your consultant. Ayurvedic consultation is very important factor to get the best results.

Whenever you decide to take ayurvedic treatment for your illness, it’s not a one day visit to your ayurvedic doctor. For a proper diagnosis, you have to take a proper ayurvedic consultation and visit your doctor a no. of times only then he can analyze your problem clearly. Your first visit plays a very important role because in this only you make your doctor know about yourself.

When you visit first time to an ayurvedic doctor, he will first of all try to determine your original constitution also termed as prakruti and then your current state of doshas termed as vikruti. This is done by using various techniques and evaluation methods. This helps in creating a proper chart of your diagnosis and further treatment accordingly. Initially he will know everything related to you, your mental state, emotional part, spiritual side, social behavior etc. These things play a very important role in ayurveda apart from medicines.

After your first visit he will guide you for your basic routine, like your eating habits, your lifestyle, and your sleeping habits. They will suggest you with a healthy diet and some yoga and exercises including meditation. They can also give you herbal treatment through herbal medicines or some ayurvedic therapies like massage, exposing body to sun or air etc. Ayurvedic therapies are given to remove the toxins from your body after considering every minute detail of yours like age, health, environment, your allergies etc.

In the subsequent visits, your consultant will examine the changes within you with the instructions suggested by him. According to that he deepens his understanding of your body constitution and all the internal and external factors affecting you. With this, he will decide what works on you and what further additional factors are required.
Some of the precautions during such visits includes following all the instructions of your doctor properly and taking medicines on time. One thing very important during your consultation is that you should not hesitate to tell any problem to your consultant. Because in ayurveda, many diseases with same symptoms have different cures.

It’s not necessary to always visit a doctor for this. A no. of ayurvedic centers are providing facility to interact with them or through internet. Even centers located outside your state or country can help you the same as your local one. These days this consultation work has become very popular in terms of career. Many institutions are providing degrees in ayurvedic teachings that have world wide validity. So you can opt for this also.

Significant Role of Tax Consultants

Tax consultants are financial advisors who help people with all tax related issues. Each individual who has a source of income has to file an income tax return with respect to their income as well as saving. Depending on the income there are different slabs of tax that has to be paid to the income tax department. The tax that is paid is used by the government for the improvement of the society as well as the nation. Government has given fixed income slabs to all and if the income rises beyond that then the individual is liable to pay tax. No doubt it is important to pay tax but even more important is to calculate wisely and pay appropriate tax.

To ensure appropriate and just payment of tax there are financial experts or tax consultants. These consultants are licensed by the government to give the common man right financial advice. They can help save lot of money from our income that is otherwise paid to the government as tax without any need. Though they charge heavy fees in return but the extra amount spend on them is worth the expenditure. This is because the right amount of tax paid at the right time can help save lots of money.

The most common and significant role of a tax consultant is to file an income tax return for his or her client. If return is not filed at the right time the client is liable to pay penalties that can be more burdensome than the actual tax. If anyone appoints a consultant then he or she takes care of all these and ensures that the return is filed correctly at the correct time.

Apart from filing a return, tax consultants give special advices on tax. They help to transform a complete business by giving fruitful financial advices. They give advice on the business expansion plan, they help rearrange payments and expenditures, and they make certain changes to the course of income. All these advices help any business improve their profits as it helps them to cut down improve their money cycle and formulate a return in such a way that less amount of tax has to be paid.

A tax consultant can also be helpful during an audit as they are experts in financial issues and can answer any query of the tax officials. This helps save the company from falling into any kind of trouble and issue.

In short, tax consultants are the strong supporters and advisors of all working professionals and big multinational companies.

A Career as a Legal Nurse Consultant

If you wish to become a nurse and are interested to work for courtrooms and emergency rooms then pursuing legal nurse programs is the best option for you.

Legal nurses utilize their health care knowledge and legal system interest to make a rewarding consulting career. Legal nurse consultants are also known to defense prosecutors or attorneys for their pharmacological or forensic familiarity to assist in determining the difficulty of civil or criminal cases. The legal nurses consult with prosecutors and others in legal field on topics related to personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, etc. They are also responsible for reviewing medical records, interviewing clients, researching and processing medical literature, assisting in evaluating damages and liabilities, preparing exhibits, helping with depositions, and are considered as expert witnesses.

A legal nurse consultant often has a previous experience in emergency rooms and other disciplines and who further undergoes training at different legal nursing schools. The schools providing legal nurse programs also offer online degree coursework in personal injury, legal ethics, legal writing and forensic science to name a few. Also, you can also take dedicated classes in the legal issues about auto accident damage, medical malpractice, product liability and lower back pain.

A certified legal nurse is constantly hired to work with corporate lawyers and private attorneys. However, many of the legal court consultants are able to locate work outside the courtroom as well. You can also find work in insurance companies, hospitals and the government agencies. Many legal nurse consultants are also contracted to give quality assurance at various chemical companies and pharmaceutical firms. According to the recent salary survey by nursing management, 50% of the legal nurse’s work as a staff at insurance companies, law firms and other institutions, and they all earn similar salaries to those working as nursing administrators at the hospitals and make around $8000 a year. The rest 50% work independently and make around $100 to $150 an hour.

The jobs for them are predicted to grow in the next 10 years because many companies will introduce devices and medications that have been approved federally or have been reviewed by the governmental agencies and in courtroom. An individual does need formal training in this career to practice, and several educational and training programs are offered by community colleges, universities and various public institutions.

It is very easy to start your career in this domain because you don’t need a BSN but just require a valid RN license. Also, legal nursing experience is also not required. There are many legal nurses who are practicing in US in both urban and rural areas. Taking up legal nurse consulting as a career will not only provide you a great growth but will also open up new career prospective.

Four Reasons To Use An SEO Consultant To Grow Your Business

There are a few reasons why a business should use a SEO consultant to help you get the best out of you website and on-line presence. The first reason is that the consultant is going to help the company to understand what customers the content of their website is going to need to target. This means that the company is going to have the ability to attract some international audience to their website too. This is because the consultant is going to set up a newsletter that the visitors of the website can sign up to get on your website. This newsletter is going to tell the customer of the latest contests, coupons, and bargains that the store has going on.

The second reason is that the consultant is going to be able to optimize all of the content that is on your website. This means that the consultant is going to make sure that your website is going to be one of the top websites that shows up when a person is looking for a particular item in a search engine that your company might sell. This is because they are going to make sure that a certain keyword is throughout all of the content of your website.

The third reason is that the consultant is going to sign up your company for the different social media websites. This is one of the best ways that the company is going to be able to spread any news that could be going on within the company. Some of this news might include new products that could be coming out or any type of coupons that the customer could bring into your store to save them some money. Customers are going to love the fact that they are going to have a chance to get a deal at your store.

The fourth and probably the most important reason why a company should hire a consultant that the fact that they are going to help the company to built up their online presence. This is because the consultant has the ability to answer any of the customers’ questions that they might have about your website and any of the products that you are selling. This is very important that the customers know everything about your products so that they are going to want to buy them.

These are the top four reasons a company should use a SEO consultant.

The Value of Good Consultants

Having a really good consulting as part of your executive coaching team can be worth its weight in gold. As senior managers we are always expected to pull a rabbit out of the hat in times of crisis and fix whatever problems may surface, but who do you turn to when you don’t know what to do?

Many executives have a very hard time giving consulting due credit or even contracting with one out of fear of in doing so they will seem incompetent. This is probably the main reason that the discovery phase of a crisis can take on a very combative appearance. Before you can even begin to strategies on the problem you have to first prove you are who you say you are.

Seldom are consultants given their due praise and respect. I can remember receiving countless calls from board members in regards to the cost of my service, only after they have received the funding that they contracted me to deliver.

All throughout history we can find successful consultants working behind the scenes for the greater good of the project. Even during biblical times we find Joseph who became head consultant to the Pharaoh as he coached him exclusively on everyday matters of Egypt.

Our Great President Abraham Lincoln consulted Fredrick Douglas in order to gage how to transition the African American Slaves in the period known as Reconstruction.

My favorite consultant of all times would have to be Bayard Rustin. Here is a guy who remained in the back field of one of the most famous men in the world, Martin Luther King Jr. The Civil Rights Movement was a gathering of many great minds all collaborating in order to bring about a needed change in the lives of many disadvantage Americans. The Civil Rights Movement was truly a gathering of some of the best consultants the world has ever known.

Bayard Rustin introduced the concept of non violent protest to the Civil Rights Movement. In 1948, Rustin traveled to India to learn nonviolence techniques directly from the leaders of the Gandhian movement at a conference that was organized by Gandhi himself before he was assassinated earlier that year.

Even on the day that Dr. King delivered his most famous speech; Bayard Rustin was position two rolls back to the right, in the shadow of greatness. I consider Bayard Rustin to be one of the world greatest consultants because he held to the greatest rule of consulting, never out shine your master.

Thank you
Thomas A. Rothstein